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Design and Engineering

Every year we invest in R&D projects with the goal of making our premium parts even better than they were before. We begin with the most recent OE part designs, and build even further by applying our ACE (Application Certified Engineering) standards. That is why Dorman Chassis products deliver the superior quality and performance you expect, and we demand, from our premium components. When we develop products, our engineers have only one goal in mind: to create automotive parts that outperform all others in durability, performance, and service life. We apply the design that is right for each part and each vehicle.

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Design is Our Advantage

ACE – Application Certified Engineering means that every single premium part we make is a unique project, not just part of a line. We make engineering, materials, and production decisions – such as metal on metal or low friction – based on what will make each individual part stronger, more durable, and more efficient, not on what makes it easier or cheaper to build.

Skill and Expertise

A committment to OE+ design

Our product development starts with the latest advanced OE design, then we do more. We apply our ACE engineering protocols to determine if we can find a way to improve the OE design. In some cases, by applying our knowledge of how steering and suspension systems work and the different variables that impact performance and longevity, we can redesign and upgrade the part to increase efficiency and service life.

Advanced Low Friction


Metal on Metal

We use the best technology to restore the original steering feel and performance

Some parts perform better with greasable designs, while others need larger ball surfaces for increased load capacity. Most of the time, OE defines specific Low Friction requirements for vehicle handling that differ from what single technology manufacturers offer. In such cases, our Dorman part will deliver the recommended OE Low Friction technology, while other manufacturers will choose to use metal on metal which may drastically alter the handling characteristics of the vehicle and compromise driver control. At Dorman, our choice is based on what is best for the vehicle and the driver, not on what is easier or cheaper for us to manufacture.

When you choose Dorman Products, you are buying from a company recognized for its technological expertise and, most importantly, from a company that cares about your car and your safety.

Whatever the part, Dorman applies the ACE solution that will deliver the outstanding performance that you expect from our premium chassis components.

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