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Evaluation / Benchmarking

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Dorman offers over 2,300 Window Regulators, with additional coverage added monthly.

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Dorman’s market leading program includes hundreds of exclusive applications.

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Our product development includes extensive market input and feedback, enabling us to introduce quality parts that address the most in-demand parts you need for your business.

Evaluation / Benchmarking

We know Techs demand quality products.

At Dorman, we design and quality test our Window Regulators to provide exceptional performance, durability and a trouble free installation.

Evaluation / Benchmarking
  • With a focus on exacting precision, Dorman analyzes both original parts and individual components at the beginning of its design process.
  • Dorman’s analysis establishes a complete product baseline that enables it to identify OE design flaws as opportunities for design improvements.
  • These steps assure that every Dorman Window Regulator released to the market delivers on its promise of proper fit, form and long lasting function.
3-Dimensional Coordinate Measuring

3-Dimensional Coordinate Measuring

  • The 3-dimensional coordinate measuring of the doors helps minimize the risk of damage to the replacement Regulator by eliminating the need to alter the product during installation.
  • No bending, twisting or adjusting is required, Dorman's Regulator achieves a perfect fit right out of the box.
Tensile Testing

Tensile Testing

  • Tensile testing is used to evaluate individual elements of the part assembly.
  • This test measures the strength of the cable and the amount of force needed to unsecure the cable from its mounting or for the cable to fray.
Material Hardness Testing

Material Hardness Testing

  • Extensive testing verifies that the correct material is being used for the application.
  • If a material tests poorly, the Dorman Engineering team continues testing to determine if the failure is design or material related. They make the adjustments necessary to resolve the problem and provide a best in class product.
Motor Dyno Testing

Motor Dyno Testing

  • This certifies motor performance of original Window Regulator and Dorman's redesigned Window Regulator.
  • Verifies that the original part meets or exceeds the declared horsepower rating and the Dorman part meets or exceeds our standards for performance.
Cycle Testing

Cycle Testing

  • Cycle testing validates the durability and performance of every Dorman Regulator and Motor over extended cycles.
  • Each Regulator is installed in its corresponding door and tested for 10,000 cycles which is equivalent to three to four years of normal use.
On-Vehicle Testing

On-Vehicle Testing

  • Each and every Dorman Window Regulator is tested on a vehicle to ensure a trouble-free installation, excellent performance and operational durability.
  • This real-life testing assists in creating step-by-step installation instructions, and gives insight into future product enhancements.
  • Product Design
  • Advance Technology
  • Plug & Play
OE Problem

OE Problem:

Plastic inserts used in original window slide becomes brittle and cracks over time, allowing cable ends to tear free.


Dorman replaced the original plastic with a nylon material, which improved the durability and eliminated the premature pull-out of the Window Regulator cable.

OE Problem

OE Problem:

Original cable guide relies on a rectangular design that commonly breaks, causing the cable to pull free.


Dorman redesigned the rectangular cable end to a cylindrical design with robust material to prevent breakage.

OE Problem

OE Problem:

Originally designed as a flat, stamped steel piece that had the tendency to bend under limited regulator stress.


Dorman replaced the original steel with a thicker, more durable metal, and re-engineered the bracket in a rolled-edge design for additional strength. This allows the bracket to withstand greater wear stress than the original design.

OE Problem

OE Problem:

These metal arms were originally designed with 2.0mm steel and had the tendency to bend and twist under normal use.


Dorman redesigned the metal arms with an improved grade of metal at an increased thickness to prevent the bending and twisting that was previously an issue with this Window Regulator style.

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748-546: Chrysler 300 2010-05, Dodge Charger 2010-06, Dodge Magnum 2008-05
748-547: Chrysler 300 2010-05, Dodge Charger 2010-06, Dodge Magnum 2008-05

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